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The Tomorrow War movie review: Released – 2 July 2021

Chris Pratt

The Tomorrow War movie review: Chris Pratt in Amazon Prime Video’s new film. (AP)

The Tomorrow War Movie Release Date – 2 July 2021

The Tomorrow War Movie Reviews :-

Chris Pratt gets one helluva hero’s posting in The Tomorrow War, a very precious-looking sci-fi action film that Amazon Prime Video reportedly purchased for a sum so whopping that it could have funded at least a dozen Eid extravaganza starring Salman Khan. Bhai should take notes on how Pratt is introduced here — it’s almost as laughable as his own ‘entry shot’ in Radhe, and it certainly sets the tongue-in-cheek tone for the rest of the film.

The Tomorrow War is the kind of worthily put-together entertainment that mainstream Hollywood does so well on opportunity. Think of it as a close cousin to the Fast and the Furious movie — it’s about as slickly packaged, although it does not quite have the rewatchability factor of some of that franchise’s best entries.

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It is, however, a long timeless throwback to the variant of action blockbusters that used to bunch the summer marketplace every year in the 90s — films like Armageddon and Independence Day. It’s a sign of our times that something that would have drawn hordes to the theatres back in the day is now being streamed directly to our homes.

And it is a indication from the future that kicks the plot of The Tomorrow War into gear. The 2022 FIFA World Cup final is interrupted by time travellers who swell out of a wormhole. Blatant ploy to attract an international audience aside, this kind of makes sense — the World Cup final is may be the most-watched live television event ever, with over a billion of people tuning in. It almost makes you wonder if the future humans waited especially for the final to make an feature.

Because of the bad news they come bearing is time susceptive. The future world has been attack by aliens, and humankind’s only shot at survival is drafting people from the past to fight on their behalf. This is where Chris Pratt and his particular set of skills come into the movie. Unlikely the majority of the draftees, Dan Forester — that’s Pratt’s character — actually has battle experience. But by agreeing to go to war, he must make the arduous decision to say goodbye to his younger daughter, armed with the information that 70% of ‘soldiers’ don’t return yet.

the tomorrow war movie review
This image released by Amazon shows Chris Pratt, from second left, Edwin Hodge and Sam Richardson in a scene from The Tomorrow War.(AP)

Once the movie has played its cards, that’s when it enters the make-or-break zone. Some of you might surprise what the point of sending middle-aged uncles and aunties to fight killer aliens is. Others might be distraught by the time travel elements, which the film explains in a throwaway scene with a bit of a shrug. But The Tomorrow War is not meant for audiences who stop to ask such questions. You are just required to roll with it. And to make you feel better, the movie throws in a comic relief audience commissary character (played by a scene-stealing Sam Richardson), whose sole job is to foreshow what you’re thinking, and make the same exclamations.

The Tomorrow War is no Edge of Tomorrow, probably the best film of this size and sensitivity released in the last decennary , but it’s a lot like its star — goofy, good-natured, and disappointed to be liked, despite its problems. Don’t burst its bubble.

The Tomorrow War

Release Date – 2 July 2021

Director – Chris McKay

CastChris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, Sam Richardson, JK Simmons, Betty Gilpin

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