Billie Eilish Couldn’t Make It to the 2022 VMAs

Here’s Why Billie Eilish Couldn’t Make It to the 2022 VMAs Despite All Those Nominations

Billie Eilish is one in every of the most nominative artists at the 2022 VMAs, however it doesn’t seem like she was able to attend the awards. I’ll provide you with a moment to NOooOooOOOooOOoo.

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Billie Eilish didn’t show up at the 2022 VMAs despite being one of the most nominated artists—here’s why she had to skip the awards show

Kay! clearly unsatisfying news, however before you spiral thinking this was some quite snub, Billie contains avery legit reason for not attending.

She’s presently on her Happier Than Ever world tour and has shows both before and when the VMAs. Billie played in bangkok, Thailand, on August twenty six (two days before the VMAS) and contains a show in Aukland, New Zealand, on September eight. thus she will have a couple of 2 week break between shows wherever she may have flown to the prudent Center in sensible ol’ city, however that will entail taking a 20+ hour flight back to the u. s., solely to own to require yet one more 20+ hour flight from the States to Aukland.

She recently spoke concerning her tour (and showing at festivals) to NME, saying. “Women have to be compelled to have 1,000,000 backup dancers and 1,000,000 costume changes and their hair done, and crazy costumes and stage setup. i like male performers, however they barely have to be compelled to do s*** to own a show that folks like, and girls area unit expected to own the most important show. I’m bored with feeling like we’ve got to try to to that to feel adequate. If you wish to try to to that, then that’s thus nice, however I bear in mind thinking that i might ne’er be ready to headline something owing to those expectations.”

She conjointly set out her post-tour plans, saying, “Make my house look cute; get some a lot of furnishings and new lighting; ride my horse; and create new friends, hopefully.”

Love this for her!

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