Best SEO Plugins for wordpress 2021

Best Plugins For WordPress – WordPress SEO Plugin 2021

First of all you have to choose a great Hosting for your WordPress blog or website to ensure to speed it up, and boost your SEO Rankings then after we’ll talk about Best Plugin for WordPress. There are several website that provide hosting but one of them are hostinger is the best hosting provider at that time. However, there’s much more goes into it, Like optimize your images, which keywords you target for your blog or website, and whether or not your content is readable. To do that all the job you need Plugins for WordPress. Otherwise, you’ll stuck into fight against competitor.

There are many free wordpress SEO plugins available in the market. For advanced seo you can use some third-party tools for bringing up powerful statistics, Keyword Ranking, Keyword Planner, Backlinks information and much more.

We’ll suggest you some famous plugins for SEO are given below. Basically SEO is little bit confusing for new blogger or even experienced website owners. Make sure your website has well structured, there’re not broken links, must have potential keywords and awesome knowledge of implementing the SEO plugins, you’ll be success on SEO or even your blog.

Best Plugins for WordPress 2021

Before start off the list of WordPress SEO plugins, first we talk about the free SEO Plugins for WordPress. There’re often easy to understand and install, and you can choose different plugin for different features. Here is the list below…

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. SEOPress
  3. The SEO Framework
  4. Rank Math
  5. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is mainly knows as king of the WordPress SEO Plugin, Even we are using Yoast SEO in The ASP Development blog. Yoast has 5+M installation and 27355 5-star ratings at that time. It has beautiful and user friendly interface to make your blog outstanding.

Yoast  wordpress seo plugin features

It has premium version also available in the market with the advanced tools. But we recommended for free version for beginners.

Yoast SEO has own website we can also access to Yoast SEO premium version from that website, which offers more advanced features like preview of what your page will look like on twitter and fb, 5 keywords optimization for a page, internal link suggestions etc is the small portion of premium version are provided

The premium plugin sells for USD $89 per site, making it a glamorous deal for anyone.

Features That Make Yoast SEO a Great Choice:

  • A Google preview:-  See exactly what your Google Search Engine  result is going to look like at that time of writing your article. With this, you can change Meta Description and Title to make it more  interesting and keyword rich.
  • Readability analysis:- Ensures that humans and search engines can read and understand your content.
  • Full language support:- English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Swedish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Turkish and Czech.
  • Innovative Schema blocks:- for the WordPress block editor, so that your FAQ and HowTo content can be shown directly in the search results. Plus a breadcrumbs  block to guide your users.
  • Updating:-  They also update the plugin every two weeks.
  • Duplicate:- The plugin detects if you have duplicate content in your page or post.
  • Optimization:  We can easily analyze how you have optimized for a particular keywords on page or post.
  • Premium:- plugin provides a redirect manager, free support, and an ad-free interface.

2. SEOPress

SEOPress is totally free plugin available for wordpress without ads. It’s completely

Free and white labeled plugin. It’s very simple, fast and manage all of your meta tags like title, description for a particular post or page in one place.

seopress wordpress seo plugin features

SEOPress create sitmaps in XML and HTML for tracking your visitors with google analytics and Optimize tags Open Graph (OG Tag) and Twitter cards for sharing your post in social media. SEOPress  also provides the content analysis to help google search console write better seo optimize content.

SEOPress has also a premium version, has a lots of advanced feature added like:

  • Breadcrumbs optimized
  • WooCommerce
  • Local business SEO.
  • Video and Google News
  • XML and HTML sitemaps.
  • Google Structured Data Types ( product, article, event, recipe, review, FAQ, course and video Howto.
  • Check the page speed.
  • Redirections and 404 error page monitoring.
  • Google Analytics statistics in your WordPress dashboard

Features That Make SEOPress a Great Choice:

  • No ads and your editors will see a metabox with no reference to SEOPress. Same thing in the admin bar.
  • It easily adds the google analytics property
  • open graph data:  Quick and easy Twitter meta tags and Facebook
  • Google Structured Data Types ( Product, articles, event, recipe, review, how to, faq etc

3. The SEO Framework

Those people who want lightweight and speedy website then “The SEO Framework” is for you guys. The SEO Framework is very fast and ads free plugin for wordpress available in market.  Basically it is the alternate of yoast plugin comparison with seo rating along with more flexible option for targeting keywords. There ‘re few tabs colored scale to show exactly how close you are to making your post.  With the scale, you can instantly tell where you need to put in some extra work in your post .

the seo framework wordpress seo plugin features

 The SEO offers more advanced functionality with the help of extensions.

Some of them include:

  • Local SEO
  • Monitoring for SEO
  • Incognito mode
  • Redirects
  • Article enhancement
  • Comment caching for spammers

Features That Make The SEO Framework a Great Choice:

  • Comment Spamming Extension: No need for third party plugin for comment spammers, The SEO Framework has in-built extension for removing the spamming comments.
  • Local SEO: The Local SEO Extension used for display the local business information, no need of third party plugin or extension.
  • Pre-Configure: The SEO Framework do preconfigured most of the SEO settings at the installation time, So that we have to little bit setup the SEO settings after installation.
  • Keyword Focus: The SEO Framework focus on subject to encourage the writing skill, that’s way google increase the SERPs.
  • Free: The SEO Framework almost totally free plugin there are almost all the feature which are needed or even exist in the yoast.

4. Rank Math

Rank Math is also a king of WordPress. It controls the On-Page SEO everything whatever you need Like meta tags, schemas, etc. Rank Math plugin is very lightweight and comes out with multiple plugins. With Rank Math, we can manage the on-page seo of our post, page, product and so on. It controls the nofollow, noindex meta tags of a particular post or page.

Rank Math wordpress seo Plugin Features

It easily setup with Google Search Console with a few clicks to bring you essential information inside the WordPress admin Dashboard. Information like which keyword either rank or not, and how many impressions and click on your blogs is getting and so on.

Apart from that features, Rank Math comes with clean and simple interface with in-built 404 Monitor, Redirections, Rich Schema Snippets, Local SEO, XML and HTML Sitemaps, Image SEO, Internal Link Building etc.

Features That Make Rank Math a Great Choice:

  • All in one: All the features are available in one place.
  • SEO Analysis tool: Each post/page/product goes through an SEO Analysis tool.
  • Interface: The user interface is very clean and simple, and the features are very easy to understand.
  • Image SEO: It gives you options to automatically add alt or title and description tags to images.
  • 404 monitor: Rank Math comes with a 404 monitor to tell you where users can see errors of a particular post or page.
  • Schema Snippets: It comes with Rich Schema Snippets included Article, Recipes, Product, Event, Video, Local Business and so on.
  • Sitemaps: Rank Math Support the XML Sitemaps.
  • Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs are also available in Rank Math no need for third party plugin.
  • OG Tags and Cards: It supports the Open Graph and Twitter Card.

5. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are basically Visual Search Elements such as Star Ranking, Reviews, Images and other details that might grab user attention having different from regular search. It usually used for Product Page of eCommerce, Blogs Reviews and so on. All in One Schema Rich Snippets supports all the schema and snippets which are not found in other plugins

All in one schema rich snippets wordpress seo Plugin Features

Features That Make All in One Schema Rich Snippets a Great Choice:

  • Happy Google: Google provide the visual structure searches for users to make the users happy.
  • All In One: The plugin supports several types of content including events, reviews, people, products, recipes, and videos article, tech acrticle. So, for instance, a recipe items might have a star rating, number of reviews and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions for – Best Plugins for WordPress (FAQ)

Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?

Yoast and Rank Math are the best Plugins for wordpress for new blogger. There are almost everything available whatever need for a new blogger.

Which SEO tools used in WordPress?

Rank Math
Schema Pro

Is WordPress the best for SEO?

Yes Of course WordPress is the best option for SEO for new blogger. There are lot of plugins available in the market, with few click you can setup your SEO.

How can I improve my WordPress SEO?

Set custom URLs for a particular post or page
Use Optimized Page Headings
Use Internal Linking
Use Optimized Images with alt tag
Make a Unique Title or Description and keyword
Install Best SEO Plugins

Do you need SEO plugin for WordPress?

With the help of Plugins It makes the SEO very easy, it still requires a little bit of effort and bit away from SEO.

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