10 best health insurance companies in usa

10 Best Health Insurance Companies in US | United State Health Insurance System

Getting health insurance in USA not an easy thing, because administration is so strict to ensure the right insurance.

There are two types of health insurance in US


Most people use both public as well as private.

The US public health insurance are Medicare, Medicaid, Adequate treatment for insured .

Different type of health care plans in US

  • Platinum covers 90% of an average of your medical costs you just pay only 10%.
  • Gold cover. 80% of an average of your medical costs you pay just only 20%.
  • Silver cover ratio of total payable amount is 70:30
  • Bronze cover ratio is 60:40

Each insurance offers one or more plans

  • Health maintenance organization ( HMO )
  • Preferred provider organization ( PPO )
  • Exclusive provider organization ( EPO )

10 best health insurance companies in US

Top 10 health insurance companies in US
Top 10 health insurance companies in US
  1. United health
  2. Kaiser foundation
  3. Anthem Inc
  4. Centene corporation
  5. Humana
  6. CVS
  7. Health care services corporation
  8. CIGNA
  9. Molina healthcare
  10. Independence health group

Other hidden benefits of health insurance in US

Senior health care insurance

To safe your elders guardians. Their life golden years must deserve to age gracefully

Maternity insurance plan

Safety for mother as well as new borns.

Benefits to cover delivery related expenses.
Adequate best treatment provided .

New born baby cover upto 90 days .

Importance of Health Insurance in US

Health insurance is essential for every section of society .
It helps to pay for medical treatment expenses, whether it is privately purchased insurance or social insurance that funded by govt institutions.

The term health insurance various purposes like it’s cover “health coverage”

  • Health care
  • Health benefits

Health insurance is a safety guard against the expensive costs of medicines and medical treatment.

It provides emergency assistance to those who cannot afford medical expenditure

Health insurance may also refer to insurity to covering long term disabilities.
Custodial cares etc.

How does the US healthcare sector work

In US mostly healthcare services providing sectors are acquired by private or non profit organizations. US is the most largest expenditure country on medical sectors among the world.

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